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Building long-term, sustainable communities

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Protecting and preserving our planet

On each of our developments, we aim to mitigate our impact on the environment through a range of actions, including flood impact assessments, ecology surveys, biodiversity mitigation, and environmental impact assessments.

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Building better

As a company, we aim to create long-term, sustainable communities in which our customers want to live. These communities will be built with the intention of protecting the local environment, ensuring that we care for and maintain as much as possible.

No matter the development, we want to offset the effect we have on the environment. To do this, we’ll carry out a comprehensive range of risk assessments and surveys, covering local ecology, flood impact, and much more.

As we embed our new strategy, we plan to introduce further initiatives and KPIs across the business that will have a positive influence on biodiversity and the wider environment.

We have partnered with The Rivers Trust, a national environmental NGO, to strengthen their long-term shared objectives for sustainable, climate-resilient developments in the UK.

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Our progress so far

  • Over the past year, we’ve installed sustainable drainage systems on 255 of our developments
  • We’ve implemented biodiversity plans on 147 of our developments across the UK.
  • In 2021, we planted 17,200 tree saplings across our developments.

Minimising our impact on biodiversity enables us to create communities that are built for the future

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Targeting environmentally friendly solutions

10 %
We’re aiming to achieve a 10% biodiversity net gain in all new sites submitted for planning from the 2023 financial year and onwards.
During 2022, we’ll investigate biodiversity and carbon offsetting opportunities to help shape our strategy.
By the end of the 2023 financial year, we hope to have invested in a tree planting programme for each home sold.
Before the end of July this year, we’ll have established one Tiny Forest site
All new development sites will include pioneering hedgehog highways from August 2022 and onwards.
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