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Charitable Engagement

Giving, to build better lives

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Dedicated to charity

Charitable engagement is a key part of the Bellway ethos and we are proud of our work so far, but we aren’t going to rest on our laurels. Our commitment to helping others is only going to grow – we are dedicated to widening the range of our charitable activities and increasing our fundraising totals.

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Our primary charitable commitments

We are committed to continuing our support for local and national charities, as well as the communities in which we develop.

Cancer Research UK has been Bellway’s national charity partner since 2016.

Our colleagues also fundraise for local charities. Our policy of ‘matching’ means that, for every pound raised, Bellway donates an additional pound to the chosen charity.

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Our efforts so far

  • In 2021, our employees, subcontractors, and suppliers raised £93,703 (2020 – £140,134). When combined with Bellway’s ‘double matching’ of employee fundraising and corporate donations, the total raised was £351,157 (2020 – £328,493).
  • The partnership has raised £1,954,829 for the charity over the last five years, just £45K short of our £2million target.
  • The pandemic hampered our ability to fundraise for Cancer Research UK for a period of 16 months. However, we have extended the partnership for a further two years and have set a new target of reaching £3million in fundraising and donations by the end of 2023.

Helping others and making a difference, locally and nationally

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Raising more and doing more – our aims for 2022 and 2023

By the end of 2023, we are aiming to raise £3M for Cancer Research UK.
By December 2022, we are looking to implement a programme of employee benefits roadshows, alongside increasing payroll charitable donations compared with our FY21 total.
By July 2023, we want to establish at least one partnership with a charity that supports disabled and/or disadvantaged individuals, with a view to providing work placements within Bellway.
One day per FTE every year will be dedicated to volunteering activities for office-based staff, by FY23.
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