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Resource Efficiency

Reducing waste by building better

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Effectively managing our resources

We have an environmental and fiscal responsibility to manage our resources effectively and efficiently. In all areas of the company, we aim to minimise waste (measured in tonnes per home built) and, where waste is unavoidable, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Our new Better with Bellway strategy will help us to achieve or surpass our waste reduction goals in the years to come.

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Our ongoing and future initiatives

We are undertaking work with our supply chain partners to reduce packaging and have asked them to investigate reusable alternatives to single-use packaging. We have also asked suppliers to ensure that there is at least a 25% reduction in the use of single-use plastic by July 2023.

As part of our standard operating procedure, we monitor and report all site waste. In 2022, we will also be publishing a best practice guide aimed at reducing the volume of waste we generate. This will include site case studies, workshops, and training for our colleagues.

Our partnership with Community Wood Recycling, a network of social enterprises that collects and reuses waste wood, rescued 872 tonnes of wood from the waste stream in 2021.

We are currently reviewing our company car allowance with a view to having 40% either electric or hybrid by 2025. We are reviewing our salary sacrifice scheme to allow all colleagues access to electric vehicles.

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Our progress and successes

  • We have improved our diversion of waste from landfill for the seventh year, achieving 99.4% diversion (2020 – 99.1%).
  • In 2018, we set a target to reduce waste tonnes per completed home to below 9.31 tonnes by 2021. We have successfully reduced this to 8.9 tonnes (2020 – 11.2 tonnes).

Conscientious homebuilding that protects the environment

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Our key objectives for the coming years

<20 %
By July 2023, we aim to reduce waste per completed unit to 7.1 tonnes, a 20% decrease.
100 %
We want 100% of our new homes to meet the ‘115 litres per person, per day’ standard by July 2022.
By July 2025, we are looking to reduce construction site water usage (measured in m3 of water per 1000 m2 of completed homes) against a base year of FY21.
20 %
We intend for 20% of homes to be constructed in timber frame by July 2024.
>99 %
We are targeting a landfill diversion rate of greater than 99% year-on-year.
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