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Customers and Community

Putting customers at the heart of everything we do

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A 5-star homebuilder (NHBC)

Here at Bellway, we’re proud of the 5-star rating we received in the National House Building Council survey, but our aim is to go one step further. Our Customer First programme will build on our previous success and ensure that we continue to exceed our existing levels of customer satisfaction.

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Our goals for the future

Although we’re happy to receive such a high rating from our customers, we want to do better. Our focus is on increasing our year-on-year score in the 9-month NHBC survey, achieving at least 90% by July 2026.

To help us attain our goals, we’ve put a plan in place to ensure that we provide industry-leading customer service. We’re going to start by making sure that we respond to all customers as quickly as possible, which means responding to emails within 48 hours and to any missed phone calls the very same day.

With the introduction of a school engagement programme in each of our divisions, we want to drive awareness of Bellway and educate students on the career opportunities available in our industry.

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  • By the end of the 2022 financial year, we’ll have taken part in one Tiny Forest trial.
  • The average reportable items per home will be reduced to 0.225 by July 2022.
  • Our overall customer satisfaction score with NHBC will be increased to 86.8-87.8% by the end of July this year.

We’re not just building homes, we’re building communities

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Our key targets for 2022

90 %
By July 2026, we want to increase our 9-month NHBC survey score to at least 90%.
The average reportable items in our homes will be reduced to 0.225 by July 2022.
85 %
We’re looking to improve our NHBC Construction Quality Review (QCR) score to 85% before the end of July 2022.
87.8 %
Before the end of July this year, we’d like our overall NHBC customer satisfaction rate to be at least 86.8-87.8%.
100 %
All incoming calls to our team will be answered as quickly as possible, and if any are missed, we’ll return 100% of the calls the same day.
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