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Sustainable Supply Chains

Delivering sustainability through long-term partnerships

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Committed to sustainable sourcing

Here at Bellway, we aim to source all of our products and services in an ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious way. The initiatives and goals formulated as part of Better with Bellway will ensure that we continue, and improve upon, our efforts to date.

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The core issues demanding our attention

Developing long-term partnerships with our sub-contractors and suppliers is an integral part of what makes Bellway a success, and we ensure that all of our supply-chain partners and sub-contractors are treated with dignity and respect.

We pay our suppliers and sub-contractors within agreed terms, and we are a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code.

Bellway is a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS), and we encourage our partners to sign up to the scheme so that they too can have access to the range of training and resources on offer, to help their businesses become more sustainable.

We use our Responsible Sourcing Policy to select partners and to monitor their performance and compliance with agreed standards. As well as this, we work with partners to address any issues of non-compliance identified and reserve the right to end relationships as a last resort.

We are undertaking work with our supply chain partners to reduce packaging and have asked them to investigate reusable alternatives to single-use packaging. We have also asked suppliers to ensure that there is at least a 25% reduction in the use of single-use plastic packaging by July 2023.

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Our ongoing initiatives

  • We have engaged with our top-ten suppliers on a wide range of sustainability issues and will continue this dialogue into the long term.
  • We have asked all of our suppliers to ensure that, from April 2022, they use a minimum of 30% recycled content in any plastic packaging they provide to us.
  • As part of our commitment to lifelong learning and continual improvement, from 2022, we will be rolling out SCSS training modules for all of the colleagues in our Procurement team.
  • We ask all of our timber suppliers to provide evidence of compliance with the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • We are currently updating our Supplier Procurement Policy and intend to issue this in 2022.

Sourcing responsibly, to build relationships and prevent exploitation

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Reviewing and reducing – our objectives for the next two years

75 %
By July 2023, we aim for 75% of our top 100 suppliers to have SCSS GOLD membership.
We will complete a modern slavery compliance audit of a sample of large subcontractors by FY22 and address any non-compliance issues.
25 %
We want to deliver a material reduction in single-use plastic packaging in our top 10 suppliers of 25%, by FY23.
100 %
By FY22, we intend to have 100% recycled letterhead, printer/photocopier paper, and envelopes.
We plan to phase out the use of printed business cards and introduce ‘sustainable’ stationery for non-paper items by FY22.
By July 2023, we aim to review and trial new waste-reduction procedures in our supply chain.
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